Gumdrops: Loreli the Mermaid

Gumdrops: Loreli the Mermaid
The base gumdrop forms are all based off of Candy, but with all the extra pieces removed so you don’t have to fight with hiding parts or extra joints. Simple easy with the character included! And since their based off of Candy, Loreli can share any of Candy’s skin and eye textures and head morphs which also work on any of the other Gumdrops.

She comes with the standard Gumdrop Morphs as well as room for 60 injections for developers that match her Gumdrop brothers and sisters.
18 Eye Morphs (Angry, Closed, Cool, Droop, Droop2, Elf, Giggle, Giggle2, Laugh, Sleepy, Sleepy2, Sleep3, Small, Surprise, Wistful, Wide, Wide2, Worry)
30 Asymmetric Eye Morphs
23 Mouth Morphs (Backtalk, Cry, Frown, Huh1, Huh2, Laugh, Laugh2, Laugh3, Overbite, QuirkL, QuirkR, Shy, SlideL, SlideR, Smile1, Smile2, SmirkL, SmirkR, Smirk2L, Smirk2R, Surprise, Whistle, Wide)
4 Nose Morphs (Tilt, Tall, Narrow, Big)
7 Ear Morphs (Down, Elf1, Elf2, Short, Small, Tilt, Up)
5 Face Morphs (Chipmunk Cheeks, High Cheeks, Long Chin, Round Chin, Square Chin)
She is fully jointed using native poser joint names, with adjustment can use many other figure poses.
Lights work fantastically on simple flood fills.
With included lights, renders are very quick
Gumdrops: Loreli the Mermaid