Hawthorn Trees for Daz Studio and Iray

Hawthorn Trees for Daz Studio and Iray

Hawthorn Trees for Daz Studio and Iray is a great big bundle of really useful little trees!

Designed for mid-to-far distance use in scenes, but also great as a hero tree in a scene, there are loads of material options. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring can be loaded with each version of the tree, plus bonus material presets to add a little variety to your scenes.

As always, a little can go a very long way with this great bundle of smaller trees – Variations of the Y Rotation axis and scale values for each instance or model will give you almost infinite variety!

So whether its a country lane, hedgerow or track, the high moors of a fantastical kingdom or a spooky crossroads – Hawthorn stakes were driven through the bodies of those who died without the grace of the church in the United Kingdom. Buried at a crossroads or track meeting, these hawthorns often took root and can still be found to this very day!

Alternatively great fillers for a woodlands edge, or as a small tree in a street or garden, this great big bundle of little Hawthorn Trees for Daz Studio is an absolute must-have! /p>