Headdresses – Morgana V4, A4, G4

Headdresses - Morgana V4, A4, G4

Headdresses – Morgana V4, A4, G4

Headdresses-Morgana is a unique package of very versatile headpieces and trinkets that can go from sweet and lovely to mischievous and naughty very easily. Mix and match the textures, and as shown in the promotional images, use them with my previous package, Headdresses – Grace.

– Morgana Hood (.cr2 and .obj)
– Morgana Headdress/Veils (.cr2 and .obj)
– Morgana Collar (.cr2 and .obj)
– Morgana Spikes (.cr2 and .obj)

– 4 Textures for Morgana Hood
– 4 Textures for Morgana Headdress/Veils
– 4 Textures for Morgana Collar
– 3 Textures for Morgana Spikes
– 6 Textures for Veils
– Mat Pose to Hide Veils
– Mat Pose to Hide Collar Spikes
– Mat Pose to hide Middle Laces on Headdress

** Mat poses to apply all textures, along with Bump and Trans maps.

** Veils include extra bones with a handle to use in posing, in addition to extra poses and movement morphs to combine, for many different poses and combinations. Handle will not appear in renders.

** All of the pieces in this package were created so they can be used alone or in combination with other pieces. Please check out all the promo images for all the combinations and possibilities.

** Morgana Spikes are intended to use with the Morgana Hood, however, there is a morph included to position them properly in order to use with the Morgana Headdress as well, AND you can use them alone if you’re in a “punk” kinda’ mood.

** Morgana Headdress includes a morph to assist when you wish to use a hair model along with it.

Headdresses - Morgana V4, A4, G4