Hexagon Essential Tips

Hexagon Essential Tips

A current, up-to-date tutorial in Hexagon using the most current version of the software available at the time of this tutorial’s creation.

Seaghan demonstrates the fix for a known problem as well as goes through the various tips and tricks for getting started in Hexagon and basic modelling.

He starts with the User Interface and covers the differences in the tools, while all throughout, gives examples of when a particular tool might be used.

He covers constraints, and tools that are often overlooked but can speed, not only modelling times, but also accuracy.

A self proclaimed ‘keyboard guy,’ emphasis is on using keyboard and mouse shortcuts, but demonstrates the multi-option type of menu driven choices that can aid in a more gentle learning curve to modelling.

For anyone that has asked the question “there must be a better way to do this,” he demonstrates that there most certainly is, multiple ways to achieve the same result.

This tutorial has been created with the same, professional quality of all the rest of Meshology’s tutorials that you’ve come to expect.