Hongyu’s CowGirl4 for V4/Elite/G4

Hongyu's CowGirl4 for V4/Elite/G4
This clothing set comprises 5 pieces:

i.CG4_Jacket (CG4_JacketDS for DS)
ii. CG4_Jeans (CG4_JeansDS for DS)

i. 30 V4 body morphs. All of the morphs change automatically with V4 body change if there exist a Victoria 4.0 figure
ii..?51 pose morphs for creating releastic special movements.
iii.16 adjustment morphs to control the shape easily and freely, and fix many problems if apply pose morphs.
iv.?Realistic and?high resolution textures in?14 Color MATs sets.

Hongyu's CowGirl4 for V4/Elite/G4