Variety of hoops built and textured for DAZ Studio. Nine uniquely styled hoops for play, fight and performance. Multiple styles include: steampunk carnivals, science fiction adventure, spinning fire shows, all-out raves, barbarian brawls and a sunny day at the park. Putting on a show for your King and the royal court? Need something to do in that new bikini? Fighting off a band of mutants? Slicing your way through a space station? They are easy to pose with multiple options and plenty of styles to match any mood. These highly styled and detailed props are all about fun, the clean, the dirty and the somewhere in between.

Bonus! 16 tiled shaders are included that can be used on other props.

Main Features:

Two fire hoops, a torch hoop, and an LED hoop load with lights
The ring of fire can be used by itself with no hoop
The hoops with transmapped surfaces are optimized for quicker rendering
Material settings are included to reset textures
The hoops are loaded with detail for close-up renders especially the high poly vertebrae hoop
Many hoops load with grouped/parented parts, lights, and multiple surface zones for a wide variety of customization
Just about any dance, pinup or fighting pose will compliment a hoop some where on the body
See the ReadMe for more features and directions