Hot Metal Shaders

This hot metal shader set brings a dramatic radiance to your props, vehicles, weapons, figures, and landscapes while providing functional lighting for your interior and exterior scenes. These shaders are built from photos of real metal (copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, chrome, gold, iron, and steel) and can easily be rotated to match the UV’s of your object or figure.
Included are eight cold metal shaders, five that glow red hot straight from the forge, and three anodized that radiate a spectrum of high temperature color. To expand the usage and provide more options, there are 24 utility shaders that can be applied to any of the base shaders or other surfaces. You can retain the default texture maps of your characters and props, as 20 of the adjustment shaders only affect emissive channels.
For more realism you want your emissive surfaces to cast light onto other props rather than just lighting the object itself. This set provides functional lighting without sacrificing the color and brightness of the incandescent surfaces. Five light sets that match the multi-colored shaders are included. These groups of point lights provide soft light that can be scaled.
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• A bloom render setting was used in some of the promos.
• The rotate script (by RiverSoft Art) creates temporary layered images, give it a little time to work.
• Use the heated chrome shader create glowing mirror surfaces.
• Apply the cutout gradient shader to make part of your prop or figure transparent. Create force fields for Sci-Fi scenes and magic spells for fantasy scenes.
• Apply shaders to liquid models to create lava and metal pours.
• Light your whole scene! Apply these shaders to a large primitive and bathe the inside scene with colorful ambient light.

What’s Included and Features
• Hot Metal Shaders
• Cold Metal Shaders:
? Aluminum
? Brass
? Bronze
? Chrome
? Copper
? Gold
? Iron
? Steel
• Hot Metal Shaders:
? Aluminum Hot
? Brass Hot
? Bronze Hot
? Chrome Hot
? Copper Hot
? Gold Hot
? Iron Hot
? Steel Hot
• Shader Utilities:
? 4 Anodized Edge Glows
? 5 Anodized Glows
? 1 Anodized Gradient Rough
? 4 Anodized Gradients
? 1 Cut Out Gradient Rough/Smooth
? Gradient Red Hot Rough/Smooth
? Red Hot Glow Edge Rough/Smooth
? Red Hot Rough/Smooth Glow
? Remove Glow
? Rotate Texture Maps
• Light Presets:
? 4 Anodized Lights
? 1 Red Hot Lights
• Textures Include:
? 52 Texture, Bump, Transparency, Emissive and Normal Maps (3000 x 3000)
• Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)