i13 Unique Morphs V4

i13 Unique Morphs V4
28 custom face morphs for V4!
Please note that this is a poser only product

Side Cheeks Sunken 1
Lips Unique 1
Nose Bridge 1
Lip Top Style Smooth
Nose Widen
Unique Face 1
Lips Unique 2
Nose Tip 1
Unique Morphs
Nose Nostril 1
SquishL Chin_Jaw
Side Cheeks Out 1
Chin Lower 1
Model Nose 1
Lip Top Style Down
Lips Full 1
Chin Lower 2
Model Nose 2
Nose Small 1
Model Nose 3
Nose Small 2
Model Nose 4
Soft Features
Harsh Features
Nose Pinch 1
Lips Bottom Out
Jaw Widen 1
Front Cheeks Out

Usage Instructions:
– Select V4 before loading INJ
– Morphs listed under the Parameters tab> Morph
– Use as much or as little of any morph as you want, blend them together to get great results