IDG Frame Gallery

Rich marble, lush drapery, and fabulous lighting set the stage for your own art exhibition. IDG Frame Gallery is a beautiful backdrop for character portraits, or a place to display your favorite art.

The room is perfectly lit to show off your figure’s skin, hair and clothing to the best advantage. All promos shown were rendered using only the built in room lights, with supplemental light coming in from in the windows provided by the default environment dome. 16 light presets let you control exactly the look you want in your renders.

All walls, floor, and ceiling are separate bones on the room base figure and can be easily hidden. The lights are grouped into surface selection sets for ceiling, wall and corner. The walls are grouped into surface selection sets for top half and bottom half of all walls. All trim and molding is another surface selection set. All room objects were UV mapped to make re-texturing the room with shader presets as easy as possible.

The spotlight items are the 24 picture frames with multiple material options for each. 47 pieces of art are included, and templates are provided to easily swap in your own art and photos. The frames and artwork are oriented for portrait, landscape, or square to make it easy to choose the proper size for the picture you wish to display. No resizing, rotating, or scaling of the original should be needed.

There are two full preload options with various frame groupings loaded on the walls. The curtains are drape able with a built in dForce modifier and optimized drape settings already applied.

What’s Included and Features
IDG Frame Gallery
Preload Sets:
Gallery Room (Full Set A)
Gallery Room (Full Set B)
Gallery Room
Mantle for Wall 2
Mantle for Wall 4
Picture Preload A (Full Room)
Picture Preload A (Wall 1)
Picture Preload A (Wall 2)
Picture Preload A (Wall 3)
Picture Preload A (Wall 4)
Picture Preload B (Full Room)
Picture Preload B (Wall 1)
Picture Preload B (Wall 2)
Picture Preload B (Wall 3)
Picture Preload B (Wall 4)
Picture Frames:
Frame A Sizes:
20 x 16
20 x 24
30 x 40
40 x 24
Frame B:
12 x 16
16 x 20
24 x 28
32 x 36
Frame C:
36 x 36
36 x 48
48 x 48
60 x 48
Frame D:
12 x 12
24 x 24
24 x 36
32 x 18
Frame E:
12 x 36
24 x 36
Frame F:
32 x 24
48 x 24
48 x 36
60 x 36
Gallery Materials:
01 Columns
04 Curtains 01
Mantles Marble/Wood
Frame Materials:
Frame Style A:
02 Enamels
10 Mixed Varnishes
02 Raw Woods
Frame Style B:
02 Enamels
12 Mixed Varnishes
02 Raw Woods
Frame Style C:
02 Enamels
02 Fleur De Lis
01 Gold Crackle
01 Metal Corner
10 Mixed Varnishes
02 Raw Woods
01 Scallop Metal
01 Scallop Wood
01 Scroll Black
01 Scroll
01 Swish
01 Two Tone
Frame Style D:
02 Enamels
01 Gold Crackle
04 Metal Corners
02 Raw Woods
01 Scallop Metal
01 Scroll Carved
01 Scroll Metal
01 Swish Metal
01 Swish Wood
10 Varnishes
01 Vine Metal
01 Vine Wood
Frame Style E:
02 Enamels
10 Mixed Varnishes
02 Raw Woods
Frame Style F:
02 Enamels
10 Mixed Varnishes
02 Raw Woods
10 Landscape Ratio Paintings
07 Portrait Ratio Paintings
28 Square Paintings
02 Mirror Options
Frames Glass On/Off
Backboard Paper
Gallery Room Camera
Lighting Presets:
All Lights 50/100/200/Off
Ceiling Lights 50/100/200/Off
Corner Lights 50/100/200/Off
Wall Lights 50/100/200/Off
Pose Preset – Move Frame to Wall 1/2/3/4
Textures Include:
285 Texture, Bump, Specular, Reflection, Translucency and Normal Maps (2000 x 2000 up to 4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
2 DSON Core Installers