IG Full Spectrum Lighting


Add a subtle splash of color to your Iray renders with InaneGlory’s Full Spectrum Lighting. Using several different arrays of custom balanced LEDs (Iray emissive surfaces) blended and fused together into one single light source, we are able to add a subtle taste of the full visible spectrum of light to your renders quickly and easily without over powering the render with strange color casts, or bogging you down in complex calculations. IG Full Spectrum Lighting brings you 8 all new custom designed emissive material based mesh lights, coupled with the innovative design ideas behind Photo Studio – Point and Shoot Iray. It enables you to have one single light set that you can mold into whatever you need, to meet just about any lighting need your scene might have. Moveable, adjustable, poseable, IG Full Spectrum Lighting can be whatever your scene needs it to be.

IG Full Spectrum Lighting gives you 4 basic differently flavored;spectrums, from warm to cool. Also included are 18 different colored filters that can be easily applied to any of the lights individually. These filters are based on several real-world photographic/cinematography filter designs. Filter colors picked by professionals to help you emulate realistic lighting situations, and to help you convey emotion through color and light. They also add very clean color casts to your scene without creating hotspots, abrupt fade offs or strangely colored shadows.

One of the problems with something that you can turn into just about anything is, just where do you start? To help with that there are 36 premade light setups included that can be applied to the base light rig giving you a fully ready to use light set that you can use as is or as a starting point for you to customize to meet the needs of your scene. These presets position each of the four lights, adjust the type of light used and modify the color and intensity of each light, including posing and adjusting the position and size of the built-in barn doors.

What’s Included and Features
1 IG Full Spectrum Light Set: (.DUF)
4 Attached, individual lights
9 Light designs for each of the lights
2 Circle Lights
3 Panel Lights with built-in barn doors
1 Ring Light
1 Spotlight
1 Wand Light
1 No Light (empty)
36 Premade light setups
20 Color Spectrum setting presets:
4 sets of 5 (1 to adjust all lights plus one presets for each light)
90 Color Filter setting presets:
18 sets of 5 (1 to change the color of all lights plus one presets for each light)
50 Light Intensity setting presets:
10 sets of 5 (1 to modify all lights plus one presets for each light)
36 Light position pose presets
5 Light Pointer Props:
1 sets of 5 (1 to load light pointers for all lights plus one presets for each light)
1 PDF User Guide
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer