IG Photographer’s Toolbox: Photo Lights

Learn the basics of Photography and Portrait Lighting and use the included light sets to bring a touch of something special to your Daz Studio Iray renders with IG Photographer’s Toolbox: Photo lights. There are 28 individual Lighting Scene Subsets that are based on the scenes used in the tutorial and ready to be dropped into your scenes. From beginner to expert, these scene subsets make getting good results from your lighting faster and easier. Besides being a tutorial on photographic portrait lighting, and lighting for Daz Studio, this set also includes a full, stand-alone set of Iray emissive lights and accessories that are flexible enough to fit right into any workflow.
What's Included and Features
• IG Photographer’s Toolbox: Photo Lights
• Tutorial on the basics of Portrait Lighting in Daz Studio, including user notes on the Lights and equipment in this set.
• 28: Reference Light Scene Subsets based on the scenes used in the tutorial
• 62: Preset ready to use Light/Reflector/Modifier setups
• 145: Lighting Props:
? 02 Mono Lights (1 solo, 1 mounted on a light stand)
? 01 Light Stand (C-Stand style)
? 01 Color Checker and Grey card prop
? 20 Reflectors
? 09 Hard Reflectors
? 11 Soft Reflectors
? 74: Light Modifiers
? 32 Grids and Gels for the Hard Reflectors
? 42 Grids, Diffusers & baffles for the Soft Reflectors
? 47 Optional Texture presets for the lights and props
• 46 Light Intensity Setting
• 11 White point Render Presets
• Textures Include:
? 60: Diffuse, Roughness, Bump, HDRI & IES Profiles (4096 x 4096)
• Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)