Illumine Lights and Shaders


“Illumine” Lights & Shaders – designed to work perfectly with the Promo/Floor Drapes by Lilflame – Also a Stand Alone Product!



– 20 Photometric Iray Lights Total (10 for Standing Poses, 10 for Sitting/Laying Floor Poses)
– 01 HDRI
– 07 Utility HDRI Intensity Settings to adjust intensity
– 02 Utility Settings for Dome (On/Off)
– 02 Ground Shadow Settings (On/Off)
– 01 Apply Headlight OFF settings (to turn off the headlight)


– 16 Color Satin Shaders
– 04 Bump Maps to choose from
– 10 Tile Sizes to choose from
– Apply the Satin, Select the Bump Map, Select Tile size – Render!

– Shaders can be used on ANY SURFACE, to use on the drapes (or other surface) simply make sure you have the drape selected in surfaces/scene and apply shader of choice.
– Lights can be used with ANY scene!