Did you ever need to edit an object in your scene quickly from Daz Studio’s viewport, like grass poking through a prop or a foot but could not because it was an instance or a group of instances?

InstaEdit is a power tool for Daz Studio users that allows them to right-click on an instance in the viewport and either convert it into a node or edit its geometry using either the plugin Mesh Grabber or the inbuilt tool dFormer.

The Daz Studio script provides users with the following features:

Edit an instance
Edit a specific instance that is inside a group of instances without breaking the rest of the group.
Break a group of instances into separate instances, and then edit any one of those instances
Edit instances that are generated using UltraScatter.
Detect if Mesh Grabber is installed and allow you to use it for editing
(Note : If the plugin Mesh Grabber is not installed, the tool will default to using the inbuilt dFormer tool)

What’s Included and Features
InstaEdit Script(.DSE)
Reference Guide (.PDF)
Convert an instance to a Node
Use Mesh Grabber/dFormer to edit a single Instance
Convert a Specific Instance that is inside a Group of Instances to a Node
Use Mesh Grabber/dFormer to Edit a Single Instance that is Inside a Group of Instances to a Node
Break a Group of Instances into Separate Instances
Edit Instances Created with UltraScatter
Fully Customizable Interface
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer