Iray Wet & Dry Fabrics

Iray Wet & Dry Fabrics

This pack of Iray fabric shaders has just about everything you’ll ever need to create a realistic look for your scenes. Whether you’re looking for something boho chic or bold and geometric, these 100 pre-made fabric styles (40 plain, 60 patterned) will promise to be one of the most useful and flexible shader packs you’ll ever have.

There are 9 different liquid utilities included (5 wet, 2 mud & 2 blood) that you can use over the fabrics to add an element of drama and realism to your renders.

Experiment with clothing, props, people or anything else you can imagine. The best part is the liquids can be used on any previous existing textures you have. Get creative and use them on anything from skin to props.

Beautiful and easy to use, the possibilites are endless and are guranteed to produce realistic results.