Irina 2.0

Irina 2.0
Irina’s head and body have been completely custom morphed with close attention to detail from head to toe. Perfectly defined muscles and skin detail, not to mention an amazingly realistic and sexy body shape, make this a must have pack!

For improved realism, the Irina character the Stephanie Petite base eyes have been replaced with BlackEyes, also by Blackhearted.

-Irina custom character morph
-String Bikini top & thong bottom conforming clothing items (with JCM)
-Dive Knife, Watch, Fins and Mask smart-props with adjustment morphs
-BlackEyes Lite realistic eye replacement geometry

-1 natural body texture 3072×4096
-1 tan-lined body texture with 3 hand-inked tattoos (back, left arm, ankle) 3072×4096
-6 realistic head textures 3072×2089 (with mix & matchable lipstick/eyeshadow MATs)
-4 ultra-realistic BlackEyes textures 1000×1000
-1 teeth/gum texture 1000×1000
-1 clumpy mascara lash trans map 1000×1000
-9 colorful summer print & 2 fishnet textures for Irina’s string bikini bathing suit
-high resolution texture/bump/displacement maps for her accessories.
-9 poses to get you started
Irina 2.0