Jaguarwoman’s Celebration I Frames, Title Shields, & Banners For Special Occasions

This is a design resource specially created for special occasions like weddings, showers, birthdays, and anniversaries . . .or any times when you want something really pretty and soft. I’ve created these banners, frames, and title shields in neutral textures and colors so that you can shift the hues and adapt them to your own design needs as easily as possible.

There are 12 banners with luscious, soft scrolling embellishments, 5 photo frames, and 5 title shields. Many of the elements come in dual versions. Some of the elements have semi-transparent content areas and will reveal any pattern or texture that is underlying them. Some of them are embellished with small jewels, flowers or ribbons. One of the banners is provided in several versions and also has a layered psd file with each separate design elements on different layers so that you can create your own version.

There are many, many options to this design resource so that you can adapt the elements to your design elements for all kinds of celebration purposes! With the exception of the single layered psd file format, all other elements are provided in png file format, on transparent backgrounds, and all are 300 dpi, easily increased or decreased in size. The average size of the banners is 1850 pixels in width. You may shift the hue of these elements and add additional decorative elements to create many variations.

This product is no longer available for purchase