Jaguarwoman’s “Spawn of Nemesis”

Jaguarwoman's "Spawn of Nemesis"

“Spawn of Nemesis” will provide the muscle and gristle to settle your scores and rebalance the energy of the universe in your favor!!!!! If you are feeling verrrrrrry irritated about injustice, you will need your own Spawn of Nemesis to back you up.This product has 8 individual Spawn for your very own, in different aggressive poses (because they never run out of aggressively self righteous stances!), provided in png files, on transparent backgrounds. I’ve also provded a full background composition, a frame and a variety of shields. Some of them are blank so that you can add your own Spawn Soldier to create your own composition. All of the design elements are provided in png file format, on transparent backgrounds, except for the single background composition, which is in jpg format, 300 dpi.