Jasmina’s Shine Dressing for V4 (DS3 and Poser)

Jasmina's Shine Dressing for V4 (DS3 and Poser)

Shine Shirt : Has seperate material layer to have 2 different types of the clothing. Just see the mat poses how to get 2 types. Also you can use Arms figure to have one another type.
Shine Skirts : We have 3 part figures for the skirt. Front, Back and Side Skirts. all of this figures has different type of conforming function. In the default state?figures automatically follows the poses of V4. You may also use movement dials on the HIP part of the figures to have more realistic view. Or you can set off the auto function?and just use the manual movements. Automatic pose follower is not using joint function but using realistic morphs.