Jaythen Hair V4, A4, G4 & Cookie

Jaythen Hair is a Morphing/Conforming wild updo style for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, and The Girl 4.

Included are default color and 10 addtional colors, with silver hoop earring props.

Jaythen Hair includes a variety of style, wind, movement and adjustment morphs as follows: ADJTemples, AllFull, BackLong, BangsForward, BangsLong, BangsSweepR, BangsSweepL, BlowL, BlowR, Flatten, FluffBack, FluffFront, FluffSides, FrontFlat, FrontLong1, FrontLong2, FrontStrandsForward, Shorten, ShowCheeks, SidesLong, SpikeUpFront, SweepSidesBack, TopLong, WindyBack, WindyL, WindyR, LFrontLong, RFrontL, FitA4, FitG4.

Jaythen Hair was designed for elegant styles, gothy and punk, anime andfantasy, or just standard every day render. DS Mats are included.

Included :

1 Morphing / Conforming Jaythen Hair
11 additional colors for the hair
Left and Right Hoop Earring Props
Templates Included

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