Jepe’s JARG 2.0 for Adzan HiroGens (2012)

JARG 2.0 is a morph and texture expansion for Adzan’s HiroGens (Ballistica excluded) – free at MPE3D.

Included are:

27 Color, Bump, Transparency, Specular and Displacement Textures
58 Utility and Morph Poses including Morph Inection/Removal for newly created Custom Shaping Morphs for Gen and 4Skin Figures.
Shaping and Posing Samples for all 4 different Gens Figures (Hustler/Varsity/Libertine/Princess) and Z-Scale Poses to adjust the length of the Gens Shaft from 50% to 150%.
Heart of the product are the 6 x 12 MAT Poses for 4 different skin shades (Medium/Dark/Light/Pale), with and without Pubic Hair – included are default shaderless MATs as well as SSS MATs for DS3/4’s HSS and Poser9 MATs with SSS (Scatter Node).
System Requirements:

Poser 6++ and/or DAZ Studio 3++

Needed Files:

Adzan’s HiroGen Gens Figure 1.5 (available in MPE3D Freestuff)