Jepe’s RG 4 Addon (Standalone)

With this pack you will get 4 complete and newly created, handcafted glans and base shaping morphs for the M4Gens Figure (Morphs++ at Daz3D).

These 4 custom complete morphs are again inspired by some well known adult film stars. Well, the mesh density of the M4Gens figure is limited, so don’t expect an exact copy look alike, but I’ve tried to come as close as possible.

You can apply the shapes with the 4 Sample MOR Poses. These poses scale the genital figure to a size of 120% to give the M4Gens the right proportions.

Be aware of that they don’t work when the M4Gens figure is conformed (Poser) or fitted (DAZ Studio) to M4 or any other main figure. The M4Gens figure must be parented to the hip of the figure to have the right look. Please read the instructions “how to” in this Readme file!

This product is a Standalone* version and doesn’t require any other product than the M4 Genitalia figure. It only provides shape changing poses and NO textures or MAT files.

*If you already bought Jepe’s Real Gens 4 you have to use the Addon Upgrade version for integrating the 4 new morphs into the existing Jepe’s Real Gens 4 product.

System Requirements:

Poser 6++ and/or DAZ Studio 3++
Poser 9 SR3/Poser Pro 2012 SR3/DAZ Studio 4 or DAZ Studio 4.5

Needed Files:

M4 Genitalia available via

Note: Jepes M4 RealGens work well with Channing’s M4 Gens Expansion and Channing’s M4 Gens&Cum (updated 8-2012) available at MPE3D!