Jojo for G3F


Jojo for G3F is a young teen character.

She uses the base Genesis 3 Female UV set, however her shape is reliant on Growing Up for Genesis 3 Female; Genesis 3 Female Head and Body Morphs; and Teen Josie 7. These products are REQUIRED for Jojo. If you do not have any of these products, the character can still be used, however you WILL see an error message which you can safely dismiss. Jojo will load with a different shape, depending on which of the products listed above you own. See promos for further details.

Jojo Includes:

1 Head Apply/Remove
1 Body Apply/Remove
1 Full Character Preset
1 Full Body MAT
4 Eye Colors
4 Lashes
8 Eyeshadows
3 Lip Glosses
1 Lipstick
10 Chipped Nail Colors

MATS for Iray and 3Delight

See ReadMe for further details

Teen Josie 7