JW 3D Water Props Vol. 2

JW 3D Water Props Vol. 2

Add water to your scenes with the second set of “JW 3d water Props Vol. 2” for Daz Studio Iray.

This pack contains 59 props simulating different shapes of water, like splashing in big areas, water on stairs, water going down thought a plane, filling different new base shapes and much more.

To expand the use of the props, this pack includes a PDF User Guide with some advice on how to change correctly some parameters to get new effects in your photos, like changing the distortion of the image under the water and its opacity, changing correctly the color of the object to simulate different fluids (like blood, beer or whatever you want. Check promotional image).

Props use Iray settings, which come for free with Daz Studio and don’t require a .jpg or .png base image to look as they are shown in the promotional images.