Kiki The Dwarf

You get the following conforming clothes:

  • One Dwarf-Pants with 1 morph (Wider)
  • One Dwarf-Shirt1 with 4 morphs (Skirt1, Skirt2, Sit1, Sit2)
  • One short Dwarf-Shirt2
  • One pair of Dwarf-Boots with 3 morphs (Pants, Bel1, Bel2)

(You should make Kikis feed invisible for better fit while posing her!) HideShow for Kiki
One Dwarf-Cap with 4 morphs (No Hair, Smaler1, Smaler2, Over Ears)
The moveable Dwarf-Caps tip was made with “EasyPose Underground” and you’ll find new Transform Buttons in the Dwarf-Cap body (TwistAll, SideSideAll, BendAll, SSide, SBend, SpiralSide, SpiralBend)