Lady of the Light V4 Elite A4 G4

Lady of the Light is a clothing package for V4, V4 Elite, A4 and G4. The pack includes conforming figures and smart props that can be used together or separately for more options.

Each figure and prop is fully textured and the texture templates are included for you to make your own textures.

The clothing was designed so that you can change the colours easily without losing any of the detail. I call this the INFINITE COLOURS SYSTEM. See ReadMe for details.

Each figure includes all of the most important morphs for fitting the clothing to your favourite characters as well as movement morphs for the dress and belt.

Midnight MAT Poses for each item are also included to give the outfit a different look right out of the box.

List of Morphs:
Aiko4, Amazon, BodyBuilder, BreastsImplant, BreastsSize, Bulk, FantasiaBody, GlutesSize, Heavy, HipsSize, PearFigure, Petite, Pregnant, Realistic, Stylised, SylphBody, The Girl 4, Thin, UtopianBody, Voluptuous.