Lali’s Spandex Suit 03 for Genesis 8.1 & 8 with dForce

Lali's Spandex Suit 03 for Genesis 8.1 & 8 with dForce

Lali’s Spandex Suit 03 for Genesis 8.1 & 8 with dForce

Spandex Suit 03 – is a tight suit without side and front seams, cut from a single piece of fabric, including the feet. The Suit has inconspicuous seams on the inside of the legs and one strong seam in the back. 100% spandex. Fits for Genesis 8 Female and for Genesis 8.1 Female

The upper edge of the Suit has a breast band and straps with the dForce modifier for a more realistic look when you applying poses to your character.

By default, the straps are set to simulate softer fabric. These settings are good for most poses. But if you need to better keep the shape of the straps, for example, if your character raised her hand very high, then you can apply dForce preset number two. The second preset will make the simulation settings of straps for a tougher fabric.

You can use this Suit for gym, fitness, yoga. walking, parties, sci-fi games, diving and whatever your imagination tells you.

This suit is suitable for most female characters with Auto Follow and does not require additional morphs. You can see it in the pictures. But if you need you can increase the size of the Suit using the “Expand All” option in the tab Parameters – Actor – Adjustments.

You can also hide parts of the suit feet when using it with tight shoes.

Attention! If you use poses with very strong bends of the legs, arms, and torso, then there may be slight failures of the polygons of the clothes inside the polygons of the character. To fix this, you can increase the Mesh Smoothing value. The Default (2) is optimal for most poses. If necessary increase it from 3 to 10. Also, make sure that the polygons of the arms and legs do not go inside the polygons of the character’s body. This distorts the mesh of the garment.

Along with this Suit, you will get a scene with a backdrop, mesh lights and Environment settings that I used to render the product pictures. This will give you the opportunity to get 100% the kind of materials that you see in my pictures.

Lali's Spandex Suit 03 for Genesis 8.1 & 8 with dForce

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