LandZone – Morphing Terrains

LandZone - Morphing Terrains

The quick and easy way to add a 3D landscape directly into your Poser scene. These 8 props each come with 25 built-in morph targets to help you create a variety of different terrain shapes. Use them at their individual preset values or mix the settings to achieve even more variations. You don’t have to stick with just using one dial at a time and you can go beyond the recommended values if you wish to create extreme shapes.

You can also scale the props to make them cover a larger area, but it is advisable to use a higher-res image texture in order to capture ?enough detail for your render. A sample texture and bump map are included but you can use any of your own textures if required.
If you wish to create more complex landscape designs then add several of the props to your scene, each with different settings, then move them around to achieve a suitable layout. Remember though rendering times will increase with the amount of props used, plus you will need enough memory to cope with larger scenes.

Watch out for future releases of other land regions plus additional high-resolution texture packs for use with these props. I hope they will help add a little extra dimension to your Poser environments!

LandZone - Morphing Terrains