LE TRIANON: Bibelots

Perfect as enhancements for both historic and fantasy scenes, with a touch of 18th-century France, these Venetian glass perfume bottles, Sevres and Limoges vases and precious bric-a-brac (known as ‘bibelots’ in France) that comprise LE TRIANON: Bibelots are crafted of the finest porcelain, glass and metal filigree, all with ormolu fittings and in the most exquisite regal taste.

What’s Included and Features
21 high resolution maps for LE TRIANON: Bibelots elements, of intricate workmanship and suitable for close up renders
2 reflection maps to lend incredible realism to LE TRIANON: Bibelots
17 MAT pose files with distinctive thumbnails for easy addition of the elements to scenes

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