Lil Jay for Genesis 3 Males

Lil Jay for Genesis 3 Males

‘Lil Jay’ is a brand new Character pack for Genesis 3 Male & Growing Up for G3M, and is part of 3DLoki’s new ‘Lil Men’ series. He comes with a set of fibermesh eyebrows and 3 character presets in the following ages: 5, 10 and 15 years old

Lil Jay was created due to the strong demand from YOU!, for over a year now you’ve been asking “When will you release male figures to go with your Lil’s?” or “Don’t you think your Lil’s could use some brothers?” Well… You asked so allow me to introduce to you the first of a few Lil Men!

Each of the Lil Men are siblings of one or more of my female Lil’s, In this case, Jay is Lil Paige’s brother, but he can be used with any of my other characters to compliment your next renders or project!

Lil Jay comes with:
*2 custom skin sets (With and without freckles)
*6 brow color presets,
*8 eyecolor presets,
*8 Eyelash presets
*6 facial / body hair options and
*10 L.I.E. bruises / scars presets

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