Lil Santa Dress for Sixus1 The Baby G8F

Lil Santa Dress for Sixus1 The Baby G8F

Product Description:

1 conforming wearable Dress for The Baby
1 pair of conforming wearable Boots for The Baby

Materials for Iray only !

4 Christmas Styles for the dress and boots

18 Maps

3 Templates

Supported shapes:

The Baby by Sixus, Rosie and Amanda for the Baby

ADJ Neck
ADJ Shoulders
ADJ Skirt Back 2
ADJ Skirt Back
ADJ Skirt Front
ADJ Skirt Left
ADJ Skirt Right
ADJ Sleeves
ADJ Torso
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Sit Pose Helper Swing Front

AW – Amanda Body

Crawl 01 02
Seated Reaching
Sleep On back
Waving Left
Waving Right

Knee Length
Stronger Folds
Wider Sleeves
Sleeve Shorter Left
Sleeve Shorter Right

Swing Back 2
Swing Back
Swing Front
Swing Side Left
Swing Side Right

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Sixus1 – The Baby for Genesis 8