Lorenzo for Genesis 8 Male

Lorenzo is the Third Son of Liam and Rosa-another Irish-Italian to add to your Library!

In his character package there are Full, Body and Head Morphs that require no additional morph packs to work.

With Fibermesh brows that have 12 color choices, 5 Eye colors, 4 Lash colors, a “Switch” material setting inside of the Iray Eye Materials folder (for those renders that do not use HDRI environment maps/Draw Dome in the render settings of Studio), 3 Gloss and Translucency settings with anatomical element settings to match, circumcised and uncircumcised Property Settings for the anatomical elements, Arms, Legs, and Torso Base Materials with Arm Scars, a Chest tattoo, a Leg bruise, as well as a horse bite mark on the back of a shoulder…there’s plenty to mix and match for just about any render.

Materials are Iray only.