LY Sophie

LY Sophie

Sophie is a curvy sexy girl, designed for for your Genesis 2 Female(s). She has unique colorful smokey eye makeups, hand painted finger and toenails, and beautiful coordinating lipsticks.

She has a wonderful dirty, Battle Damaged skin with loads of options. She can be just dirty or clean with cuts and bruises or fresh from battle dirty and cut.

Sophie comes with DAZ Studio Sub-Surface Scatter Materials and nine natural eye colors. She also comes with 10 makeups (plus a nude option), 10 lipsticks (plus a nude option) and 10 nail fashionable designs.

Included are Quick Start areas to get you going fast… full body morphs together with texture, 11 preset makeup combos which include matching makeup, lips and nails…. you can change around them however you want… no hard and fast sets. Just a suggestion of where to start. All of this to make getting started faster, so you can focus on making art.