Lynn Hair for V4

Lynn Hair for V4

“For some girls it’s curls that define their mood, others is saucy feathered cuts with lots of mousse. For Lynn, it’s long silky straight locks, smoothly flowing down like a waterfall over her slender shoulders. With a bit of waves added, she can go from elegant to party girl in a wink. Give your Victoria 4 girls a little of Lynn’s stylings and see how a new hair style can change a woman entirely.”

High Resolution Hair Textures: White, Ultra Violet, Rose, Red, Pale Pink, Pale Lavender, Pink, Pale Blue, Pale Blonde, Mint, Melon, Lavender, Green, Electric Blue, Dark Dark Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Blonde, Crimson, Copper, Burgandy, Brown, Blonde, Black (grey), and Black (blue)

++Morph Fits: Young, Thin

Aiko4 Morph Fits: A4Stylized Body, A4Stylized Head, A4Realistic Body, A4Realistic Head, A4Realistic Classic Head, A4 Petite, A4 Base, A4 Head, A4 American Head

Elite Morph Fits: Utopian, Sylph

Alice 3.0 Fits: Alice, Alice Head, Alice Faery Body, Alice Faery Head, Alice Curvy Body

Hair is Auto Conforming!

Style Morphs: Waves 1, Waves 2, Waves 3, Front Curve, Back Curve, Tie Back, Length Back, Fluff, Swing Left, Swing Right

Fit Adjustment Morphs: Torso Lift, Torso Back, Torso Front, Scalp Top Up, Scalp Top Wide, Scalp Top Front, Scalp Back, Sclap Neck Back, Scalp Neck Wide, Scalp Cheeks Wide 1, Scalp Cheeks Wide2, Scalp Ear Back Tuck, Scalp Ear Front, Scalp Ear Lift, Adjust Torso Up, Adjust Neck

Ghost Joint Controls: Twist, Side and Bend for: Face Left, Face Right, Front Left, Front Right, Front2Left, Front2Right, Back Left, Back Right, Back, Back2, Wind Left and Wind Right

Hair Mapped with multiple material zones and laid out to allow for many possiblities in texturing.

Lynn Hair for V4