Lyra Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

Lyra is an original, cute, versatile and stylish outfit for the Genesis 8 Female which includes a layered sleeveless suit, thigh-high stockings and platform Mary Jane heels.

All pieces are stylish and unique and will look perfect together and amazing with many other clothes you have, adding style and quality to any other outfit. They will perfectly match your other Aeon Soul outfits as they all feature the same level of quality and detail!

Is hard to define Lyra’s style since while being quite peculiar it can also fit many different styles: sci-fi and futuristic, cyberpunk, anime, space opera, but also steampunk, contemporary, vampire and fantasy. In fact we included two very different styles that will allow you to use it in any render you want to create:

The Lyra style is futuristic and it comes in three colors, the main version is your everyday style that can be sporty as well as official, the black style is more aggressive, while the pink, or candy style, can easily work for manga or futuristic Lolita fashion.

The Arkham Angel style is an intricate leather an fabric style that works great for everyday renders, but can also easily for steampunk, country, post-apocalyptic and survivor settings as well as fantasy ones. The alternative style features a more aggressive color palette with whites, purples and reds (Quinn style).

Additionally we also included Hide options for various suit parts (so that you can even just use the bodice and add it to any outfit you want) and Separate MAT poses for all the style for the different Suit material zones (Mix ‘n’ Suit), so you can easily customize the Suit style depending on what will best fit your character (this option is even more useful when used with the additional styles since you can then combine them all).

HD morphs for Genesis are included, so that the Stocking and Shorts can look like they are actually interacting with the character, squeezing the thighs. We also included two morphs for Geneisis 8 that will enlarge her breasts and slim her waist for a “corset” look that can nicely fit Lyra’s Suit. And several other morphs are available to customize the shape and help with mixing and matching.