M4 Armpit Hair

This product contains two smart-propped models (left and right, applied separately) of actual armpit hair for Michael 4.

Since Michael 4’s armpit is unfortunately located on a seam, it is difficult to paint on realistic-looking armpit hair, so many vendors omit this entirely.

Do you own a great texture that simply lacks this small and yet significant feature? Then M4 Armpit hair is the product for you! The props, parented to M4’s underarm area, are no mere layers of painted-on hair, but 3D hair models that use the actual geometry of hair.

The following FBMs and movement morphs are included:


– Emaciated
– Bodybuilder
– Bulk
– Freak4 base

Movement morphs:

– Arms up
– Arms down
– Shoulder twist up
– Shoulder twist down

Materials included:

– Black
– Brown
– Blond
– Ginger
– Lite brown