Mabel 8 HD Add-On

The Mabel 8 HD Add-on is finally here! This product contains high definition head and body morphs for Mabel 8. Harness the power of HD and add unprecedented detail to your renders. Blur the lines between CG and reality with these intricate morphs sculpted at 64x the resolution of the base Penny 8 character.

What does HD mean for you?

Morphs sculpted at 64x the resolution of the base figure.
Sharper creases where you need them
Smoother curves for an organic, natural look.
More definition, and more details, without significant system overhead.
See your details updated in real time (Viewport subdivision must be turned on).
Fine details that don’t rely on image maps and work across UV sets.
What’s Included and Features
Mabel 8 HD
Mabel8 HD Character Preset (.DUF)
Mabel8 HD Full Body Shape
Mabel8 HD Head Shape

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

Required Products:
Mabel 8