MachPack for Poser


Let’s hear it for the boys! MachPack is a standalone shader set for Poser 8 and above that is also the newest addition to the Fabricator family. Chainmail, drills, worsteds, linens, chunky knits, pinstripes, burlaps and grunge. MachPack contains everything you need to re-texture those man-threads to fully individualize your renders. It even includes silver, pewter, brass, gold and silver metals and six nice but clapped-out leathers, some with stitching on them.

It works the same way as the other Fabricator sets – just select your scene item and select either the Mach Fabrics or Mach Weaves icons. From the popup window, select the fabric/weave, tiling and which material zones to apply to. Or you can use the Weaves with anything in your Fabricator library, or use the fabrics with any of the Fabricator Weaves.

So give your runtime an injection of snakes and snails and puppy dogs tails and give those neglected suits a little love, re texture your favourite fantasy outfits and redecorate your props with the ultimate machismo MachPack. Every clothing surface in the promo renders is re-textured solely with fabrics and weaves included in MachPack, even the back wall behind the stairs.Fine Print: MachPack works on girl stuff as well.



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