Magic of Cappadocia

Magic of Cappadocia

Are you ready to enjoy a traditional terrace in Cappadocia with its unique view?

This project helps you to have a unique Cappadocia experience with realistic 10 kinds of hot air balloons, fairy chimneys, volcanic rocks, land, terrace and props/assets.

This complete landscape scene that includes complete sunrise, mid-day/sunny, and sunset scenes, 3 different scenes and 3 different skydomes for each one. Besides these complete scenes, you can create your own landscape.

All props/assets can be moved or removed from the scene as desired so you can have a scene you want. All models are world-scale for genesis models. Lowpoly big landscape and optimize props/assets.

Get ready for a magical experience with Magic of Cappadocia!

Notes: The scene consists of a plentitude of realistic props, with 8 cameras setting for each scene ready to render and render settings for sunrise, mid-day/sunny, and sunset scene. All textures and UV maps are optimized for Iray.