Magical Glyphs – Spell Symbols 2

Magical Glyphs - Spell Symbols 2
Equip your magic users with glowing symbols of power to use as spellcasting effects.

Magical Glyphs – Spell Symbols 2 is our second collection of magical symbols on transparent layers. These are intricate magical symbols woven from magical energies showing mystical diagrams and glyphs glowing in the air. You can apply them to your mystical or fantasy renders or paintings with a picture editing program to add a unique spectacle.

This set contains 10 different spell symbols in PNG format. Each magical symbol has 3 variations – a cool colored, a warm colored and a plain version so you can apply your own effects to it. So you get 30 symbols in total. All symbols are high resolution images, their dimensions ranging from about 1500 to 1900 pixels.

Background images: You get 4 background images, one basic theme with 4 color and lighting variations to start you off.

Light effects: You also get 3 different light effects on transparent layers in PNG format. You get their cool and warm colored versions too so there are 6 effects included in this set.
Magical Glyphs - Spell Symbols 2