The Many Faces of Nelly


High quality textures based on Genesis 3 Female UV maps painted in Mudbox and enhanced with Iray shaders for lighter, darker and metallic skin colors.

A custom head sculpted in Zbrush and mixed with Genesis 3 Female Head morphs gives life to a beautiful base character. As a bonus, three more heads based on Josie 7, Karen 7 and Victoria 7 were added to the package.

Josie 7 is only required for Nelly for Josie 7, it is not used in any other head.

Karen 7 is only required for Nelly for Karen 7, it is not used in any other head.

Victoria 7 is only required for Nelly for Victoria 7, it is not used in any other head.

What’s Included and Features
The Many faces of Nelly: (.DUF)
VW Nelly Female 3
VW Nelly Josie 7
VW Nelly Karen 7
VW Nelly Victoria 7
Nelly Head for Genesis 3 Female
Nelly Head for Josie 7
Nelly Head for Karen 7
Nelly Head for Victoria 7
Reset Nelly Dials
Iray Materials Options:
Pale and Tanned version for each Skin Material Preset
Nelly M1 Full Skin Gold
Nelly M1 Full Skin Silver
Nelly R1 Full Skin
Nelly R2 Natural no Hair
Nelly R2 Natural with Hair
Nelly R3 Mkup Beige
Nelly R3 Mkup Blue
Nelly R3 Mkup Brown
Nelly R3 Mkup Gold
Nelly R3 Mkup Green
Nelly R3 Mkup Liner
Nelly R3M Mkup Beige
Nelly R3M Mkup Blue
Nelly R3M Mkup Brown
Nelly R3M Mkup Gold
Nelly R3M Mkup Green
Nelly R3M Mkup Liner
Nelly R4 Lips Apricot
Nelly R4 Lips Brick
Nelly R4 Lips Brown
Nelly R4 Lips Natural
Nelly R4 Lips Pink
Nelly R4 Lips Red
Nelly R4 Lips Rose
Nelly R4M Lips Apricot
Nelly R4M Lips Brick
Nelly R4M Lips Brown
Nelly R4M Lips Gold
Nelly R4M Lips Pink
Nelly R4M Lips Red
Nelly R4M Lips Rose
Nelly R5 Nails Designer
Nelly R5 Nails Natural
Nelly R5M Nails Gold
Nelly R5M Nails Silver
Nelly Eyes Amber
Nelly Eyes Black
Nelly Eyes Blue Dk
Nelly Eyes Blue Lt
Nelly Eyes Brown Dk
Nelly Eyes Brown Lt
Nelly Eyes Gray
Nelly Eyes Green
Nelly Eyes Olive
Textures Include:
53 Texture, Bump,Normal, Specular and Transparency Maps (450 x 450 to 4096 x 4096)
This product uses the Genesis 3 Female Base Female UV Maps
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer