Marilee Outfit for V4

full77964The Marilee outfit comes with 7 pieces of conforming clothing, a Top, Bikini Style Bottom, and Belt with Daggers, Pants, Boots and Forearm covers. There are 4 different sets of textures for the clothing included from pink leather to blue satin.
A large number of body morphs for V4 are included in the clothing as well as some custom morphs to adjust the top straps and sides in the chest and abdomen for more extreme poses. Also included is a young body morph that will work with any V4 character. When using the young morph there are custom outfit poses to fit the top, bikini bottom and pants to Marilee?s young figure. The belt and daggers come with mats that allow you to have one or two scabbards, both with and without the daggers as well as different colors to match the outfit textures. Smart propped daggers for the left and right hand are included.

As well in this package there is a simple ?Mop style? Hair. There is a choice of 8 hair colors. This is more of a fun piece that suits the character, not overly realistic but works nicely with the rest of the package. In Freestuff, JudibugDesigns’s has a great Download of fantastic textures called Ghetto Chic for Marilee.