Marsh Monster HD


Marsh Monster HD is the new character from Midnight_stories based on an old classic Monster. He’s playful, daring, fearless, sometimes scary and definitely Crazy. He’s just so much fun to play with.

Marsh Monster is a new HD shape for Genesis 2 Male(s) with conforming Vines and Leaves, Stones and Slime. He comes in 4 flavour’s Green, Blue, Brown and Winter. There’s 10 great poses to get you started, and an UberEnvironment2 Light set to help you start with rendering. He can use all the facial expression from Genesis 2 Male. There’s full DSON support for Poser people. Heck I’ll even throw in a pair of wooden teeth for free.

There’s a full tutorial series on exporting him into Octane Render and using the Alembic Exporter for DAZ Studio to animate in Octane Render, all on my YouTube Channel. This is a Monster Classic you don’t want to miss out on. Another thing to keep an eye out for is a Full Swamp Environment coming soon!