MD dForce HD Elven Royal Armor for Genesis 8 Male(s)

MD dForce HD Elven Royal Armor for Genesis 8 Male(s)

The male version of the Elven Royal Armor,’ this dForce HD Elven Royal Armor is the perfect wearable set for your elven, orc, medieval, or fantasy Genesis 8 Male(s).

Loading a plate item from the set, new realistic limits will be applied to the figure’s bone rotations, that affected by this item. The limits return to the original ones if the item reparented, set un-visible in the scene, or be deleted. You can turn this feature off and on, any time, using an included script.

Another script is responsible to apply SubD render levels and HD morphs to all set items that exist on the selected figure at once, so you have not to do it manually for each item individually. The H.Materials presets are also scripts that load the suitable HD morph if needed.

Some hair morphs in the Helmet and the Tiara squeeze the figure’s hair in order to reduce the poke through.

I hope you enjoy the set. Have fun!

Please see Feature List for all Options