MDD Carley for G8FV8 IRAY ONLY

MDD Carley for G8FV8 IRAY ONLY

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This product is optimized for Daz Studio 4.9.4+ IRAY Only. Daz Studio version 4.9.4+ is required for
Genesis 8.

Victoria 8, Genesis 8 Head Morphs and Body Morphs are required for this product.

Carley Includes:
1 Head Apply/Remove
1 Body Apply/Remove
1 Full Character Preset ( Including Skin)
Long Eyelash Apply/Remove
% Slider for Head/Body/Full
1 Iray Full Skin MAT
1 Iray Eyelash MAT
7 Iray Eye Colors
6 Iray Liner Overlays
6 Iray Makeup Options
8 Iray Lip Colors

Material options for IRAY Only


Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.