Medea for Genesis 8 Female

Medea for Genesis 8 Female

Medea is a custom character for Genesis 8 Female inspired by classical art. No morphs are required to use this package.


1 full shape preset
1 full stylized shape preset
1 head shape add/remove preset
1 body shape add/remove preset
1 head asymmetry add/remove preset
1 stylized morphs add/remove preset
1 full material preset
1 full no brow material preset
1 marble skin preset
1 gen material
2 matching marble shaders for hair and clothing items, with and w/t transparency.
1 fibermesh eyelash attachment
1 fibermesh brow attachment
4 eye colors
4 lip colors
4 eye shadows
1 eyeliner
1 custom smile add/remove preset


Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.