Mediterranean Shrubs vol 1

Mediterranean Shrubs vol 1

Mediterranean Shrubs vol 1 is a great bundle of 20 detailed models of common sage bushes and Bay trees and bushes, perfect to bulk up your sunny scenes from ancient to modern! These Mediterranean Shrubs are wonderful as hero plants and perfect foils for your more show-y digital flora too, and an excellent and faithful addition to any ruins, beach terrace or the street scene where a dry subtropical feel is needed.

As always, a little goes a long way with these great plants, small variations on the y rotation values and scale will make one plant model look like an almost infinite number of different plants. Use the included materials to change up the foliage textures if you decide that something brighter or more muted is needed.

This carefully crafted bundle of Mediterranean Shrubs (and small trees) as the perfect way to add some realism and bulk to your scenes!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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