Mels Desolate Lights


High drama effect or low key ambience, this lighting has it all. Crafted with great care, these stunning outdoor lights perfectly match Mels Desolate Backgrounds. They can be used with the backgrounds or separately for highly dramatic lighting effects. Created from custom made light globes, they are presented in IBL and HDR format for Poser 6 and up.

10 IBL Light options with and without Ambient Occlusion for Poser 6 and up
10 HDR Light options with and without Ambient Occlusion for Poser 7 and up
All lights are set to ray trace during the render process.

Experienced Poser users can modify the HDR lights for use with Poser IDL renders. There is also an illustrated tutorial included on creating a matching atmospheric effect to match any environment that will render quickly, with very little impact on your computer resources.

This lighting pack was made for users with a basic understanding of Poser lighting. Lights will not look the same on all surfaces. The IBL or HDR and sun lights need the intensity lowered or raised to accommodate different textures. The sun light might need to be repositioned to accommodate camera POV.

These lights were not made for Daz Studio and have not been tested in it. Daz Studio is not supported with these lights. Props, clothing, and models used not included.


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