Minidress for the GND2

Cloth Room setup instructions

On frame 1 load V3, from her Breast-Chest morphs load the Nipple Gone and set it to 1 (this is a dynamic dress and nipples might tend to cause funny creases by her breast area).

Go to where GND is located (Pose library folder) and load her body inj along with her head inj, scroll down and click where it says turn off IK and click where it says default pose.

With all those settings move to frame 30 and pose her using either a pose from your library or a pose that you create yourself on spot, move back to frame 1 and load the dress (Props/Ravenhair/GND2-MiniDress), once loaded, parent it to her body (very important if you want to apply the mat pose files for the textures).

Go to the cloth room and create a new simulation, leave the start and end frames as they are and set the drapes to around 5.

Click on Clothify and select the MiniDress if not selected already (is under props). Collide it against Figure 1, or if you are more experienced just collide it against the body parts that touch the outfit. Set the collision offset and collision depth to 0.3 or 0.5 depending on the pose, and check the ignore head, hands and feet collisions.

From the dynamic controls change the fold resistance from 5 to 15, remember this is a tight dress.

Click on calculate simulation and relax, Poser will take care of the rest.