Modern Perfume Collection

Modern Perfume Collection

Modern Perfume Collection is a collection of 11 HQ fragrance bottles and boxes.

“My Love”, “Black Rose” and “Boudoires” have two different bottle and box textures.

“Kenze – Love” has 5 bottle textures and 3 boxes.

The “Days” Set comes with 5 bottles and 5 box textures.

In the “Philtres” Set you get 4 different bottle textures with according boxes.

“Invaincu” has 3 bottle and boxes textures.

In “Olympique” you will find 4 bottles with boxes and one Deluxe box filled or empty and all the box parts to create your own assembly.

“Shanel” is a set of Perfume Bottle, Box and very classy looking cigarette and cigarette box.


Modern Perfume Collection