Mon Quartier

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Not fake, not fantasy … just reality. I offer you my neighborhood. Located in the south-west of France, the largest city is Bordeaux and my village is located in the suburbs, near the city. But which one is my house ? That’ll remain a mystery… 😉


– Large residential city
– Very versatile: possible use in other scenes
– 16 houses
– Vegetation provided
– Portals fences can open and close


– 53 .obj files
– 5 blocks props
– 1 dam prop
– 1 field prop
– 1 electric network prop
– 1 road prop
– 1 complete preloaded
– 20 vegetation props zero
– 1 light set
– 22 cameras
– 115 texture maps (transparency, difuse, normal, displacment, etc…)

Please check displacment and raytrace in your render settings. Vehicles and background sky are not included in the package.
All promos images render in Poser Pro 2012.
Tested in P7, P8 and P9, not tested in DS.